2nd Case of CWD

19 Mar 2nd Case of CWD

Second Case of CWD Merits Even More Attention

Ohio’s 2020-2021 deer hunting season may be over now, but we’re not completely “out of the woods” quite yet.  That is, with regard to an imminent health concern specific to Ohio’s white-tailed deer.  Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has been identified for the second time in Wyandot County in the close proximity of the first case identified back in December 2020. 

As previously shared in our last post, CWD is a neurological disease that is fatal to deer once they contracted it.  Furthermore, the risk of spreading this disease amongst other deer is relatively high, particularly when they are found congregating together.  Thusly, the Division of Wildlife’s surveillance and implementation of a CWD response plan remains a high priority.

In addition to the ongoing tissue sampling that will be conducted, outdoor and wildlife enthusiasts can play an important role by reporting any perceived sick deer to a DOW District office or your county Wildlife Officer.  More information about their monitoring efforts on this disease can be found on the Division of Wildlife’s website.

Tim White