Hunting still remains quite popular among many today. A number of fathers and grandfathers are eager to share their decades of experience with young boys and girls and other newcomers to the sport, all to carry on this multi-generation tradition!

Besides enjoying the opportunity to head outdoors to further appreciate nature and the prospect of getting really close to legal game, a good hunter welcomes the chance to fine tune their skills and increase their ‘know-how’, whether a tag is filled or not. Many good memories often fill our minds, as well as our scrapbooks.

Since the late 1950’s when it was first endorsed here in Ohio, Hunter Education has helped to make this sport safer.  It is a requirement for first-time hunters to obtain their Hunter Ed certification, with the exception of hunting as an Apprentice.  A Hunter Ed Course typically covers firearms and archery safety, outdoor awareness and survival, wildlife management, conservation, game laws, hunter ethics and so much more.  

Statistics show that hunting accidents have decreased appreciably over the past number of years, accredited to this Hunter Ed requirement.  On Saturday, October 28th, another Hunter Education Course will be administered at the Erie County Conservation League, located on Mason Road, just east of SR 250 in Avery.

This course will run from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.  With seats being limited, pre-registration is highly recommended and can be made on the Division of Wildlife’s website under the Hunter Education webpage.