Hunter Ed Course

19 Aug Hunter Ed Course

Upcoming Hunter Education Course

Elmer Fudd, that rabbit chasing character from cartoons of yesteryear, was often heard singing “hi ho the merry-o, a hunting we will go”, while in pursuit of his cunning quarry!  That tradition has been passed on for many generations here in Ohio and this year’s new hunting season is about to get underway.  Whether you’re a veteran at this much favored pastime or just recently peaked some interest, Ohio’s hunting season welcomes you. 

Even if you’re a newcomer to this sport, you need not be intimidated.  Whether you have limited or no experience, Ohio’s Hunter Education program can provide you with the resources you need in order to stay safe out in the fields and forests, duck blinds or deer stands.  Hunter education is so vitally important and has proven to be effective in helping to prevent hunting and shooting accidents, as well as instilling good ethics and responsibility towards one another, the land, and wildlife. 

The Huron Township Conservation Club will be lending their facility for a Hunter Education Course on Saturday, September 18th.  Seating is limited and pre-registration is highly recommended.  You can reserve your seat on the Division of Wildlife’s website. If you don’t have your Hunter Ed certification yet, I’d encourage you to sign up for the course or one of the other upcoming courses offered.  I can’t always guarantee that you’ll have success in your pursuit of wild game, both small and large, but I can assure you of some lasting good memories that comes about from enjoying Ohio’s great outdoors and our hunting heritage!

Tim White