Cold & Little Pickerel Creek

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Cold & Little Pickerel Creek

Cold Creek, Little Pickerel Creek and other small drainage courses that span northwest Erie County and northeast Sandusky County is known as the “Sandusky Bay Drainage” an 43.4-square-mile watershed that drains directly to Sandusky Bay. Both watersheds begin near the Castalia area where several unique features called “blue holes” bring clod groundwater to the surface. Groundwater accounts for the majority of the flow in these streams creating a unique environment that favors cold water habitat fish like trout. The groundwater that feeds these watersheds keeps water temperatures in the low 50s. The watershed consists of approximately 21% developed land, 54% agricultural land, and 25% natural areas.

Cold Creek & Pickerel Creek Watershed Report

Find out more about the Ohio EPA Assessment of this watershed here.

Monitoring Sites at Cold & Little Pickerel Creek

There is no monitoring data currently in this watershed.