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Conservation in the News

Check us out every other Sunday in the Sandusky Register’s Agribusiness section or just read several of our last previous articles here. Our topics cover general conservation practices, how our environment works for us but needs our help, and whats happening around the county.

Watershed Report Cards

Want to know what our Volunteer Stream Monitors having been learning about our local streams? Check out our latest and previous watershed report card for Old Woman Creek, Pipe Creek, and Mills Creek. Click here to learn more about how report cards are developed.

Old Woman Creek Watershed Action Plan

In 2009, the Old Woman Creek Watershed Action Plan (WAP) was endorsed by the State of Ohio to serve as a guidance document for reducing nutrient and sediment pollutants in the stream and report. The WAP identifies target areas for conservation including lists of strategies and background information suitable for grant proposals or individual stewardship opportunities. Implementation of this plan has already resulted in the installation of over 3,000 ft of conservation ditch enhancement, septic system improvements, cover crops, and a manure storage facility.

Download the Old Woman Creek Action Plan

For more information about the Old Woman Creek Estuary and Watershed

Stormwater Management Plan

As part of the Ohio EPA Phase II program, which is a regulated program for helping to reduce stormwater pollution in our urbanized areas, the District is working with several communities to develop a management plan. It is currently in progress and I hope you will check back as we hope to be posting a draft soon. Learn more about the Ohio EPA Phase II program here.

More about us

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