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Huron River

The Huron River watershed is located on the south shore of Lake Erie between Toledo and Cleveland, in Huron, Erie, Seneca, Richland and Crawford counties. The Huron River is 59.7 miles long and the watershed covers 403 square miles. The East Branch serves as the public drinking water supply for the City of Norwalk, and The Village of Monroeville draws its water supply from the West Branch Huron River. Land use is primarily dedicated to agricultural activities with approximately 74%, 12% urban, and 15% natural areas consisting mainly of forestland.

The three cities and ten villages within the Huron River basin are all served by wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) that discharge into streams within the watershed. Commercial establishments, schools, subdivisions, mobile home parks, and industries also discharge wastewater to Huron River basin streams under the authority of individual or general NPDES permits.

Find out about the Ohio EPA Assessment of this watershed here.

Monitoring Sites at Huron River

There is no monitoring data currently in this watershed