Deer Damage Control Permits

In situations where deer damage is currently occurring to crops, orchards, vineyards, or nurseries that provide landscape plants, the Ohio Division of Wildlife has developed a program whereby a farmer/landowner/lessee can request assistance on techniques to help deal with the damage.

Typically, a site visit is made by the Conservation District’s Wildlife Specialist and/or the county’s Wildlife Officer to conduct an investigation and evaluation of the reported damage.

Recommendations of ways to minimize the damage are provided to the landowner, which may include fencing or other exclusions, repellant products, and various scare devices. Hunting remains, by far, the most economical and efficient method of reducing the deer population overall and where feasible, is still encouraged. If the Division of Wildlife representative determines that the use of a Deer Damage Control Permit (DDCP) would be warranted, a permit may be issued when and where the damage is occurring. For more information or to discuss the options regarding your situation, contact the Wildlife Specialist at the Erie Conservation District.