Ohio Senate Bill 1

Farmers in the Western Lake Erie Basin Watershed (which includes the western side of Erie County) have new rules to follow with respect to fertilizer application. This bill was developed to help reduce excessive nutrients from entering Lake Erie in hope to prevent harmful algal blooms. The new rules are based on Best Management Practices that have been proven to be effective and adoptable to various farming operations. Although the current bill only requires those acres found within the Western Lake Erie Basin to comply, we encourage all our landowners in Erie County to do their part in the proper management of nutrients to protect our land and water resources.

Senate Bill 1 – FAQ

Ohio Ag Pollution Abatement Program

The Ohio Revised Code authorizes local conservation districts to investigate agricultural pollution complaints and to offer voluntary assistance to agricultural producers for resolving agricultural pollution problems to protect local water resources.

With the assistance of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the District works voluntarily with landowners to abate agricultural pollution by implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs) through conservation planning such as implementing waste storage facilities, heavy use pads, access roads, water systems, livestock grazing systems, buffers and riparian zones.

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