Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels

Over 40% of annual municipal water usage is used outside the home to water our plants and lawns while we also drain most of our free rainwater away. Sound crazy? Instead let’s harvest that free rainwater from our downspouts to use on a sunny day.

Why should I have one?
  • Saves you money– Cut down on your water bill by harvesting the rain for a sunny day. Best of all, its FREE!
  • Helps to reduce flooding– Every drop held back in barrels is less that can overwhelm our storm sewers.
  • It’s good for our streams and Lake Erie -Many of our streams are in trouble from too much stormwater flowing to them too fast. By holding back some of the stormwater run-off, our streams flood less and the potential for pollution is lessened.
  • Learn more by downloading our Rainbarrel Fact Sheet.
Rain Barrel Workshops
Rain Barrels made since 2008!

This hands-on workshop provides all the tools and supplies to build your very own rain barrel. Join us for a fun hour of learning, building, teamwork, and laughs. Several workshops are held each year from April to June. The cost is $45. Contact us to register or be added to our wait list.

Will I get Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes need 7 days of standing water to complete their life cycle, so yes, this can be a problem if not managed properly. There are several ways of dealing with mosquitoes – chemical means (“dunks” or something similar), biological means with goldfish (make sure the barrel is not in full sun), or physical means with vegetable/seed oil (suffocates larvae) or mild dish soap (breaks the surface tension so adults drown before they lay eggs). Make sure you repeat this every time there is a storm when your barrel overflows.

Can I paint it?

Yes! To paint your rain barrel, thoroughly clean the outside of the barrel and wipe down with alcohol. Then apply a minimum of 2 coats of made-for-plastic primer. Once dry, you can use acrylic or house paint to create your masterpiece.