Tim White

Ohio’s Lake Erie Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP), now in its 23rd year, is a voluntary federally-funded program that contracts with ag producers who will commit to addressing soil erosion and other resource concerns on their farms.  CREP’s purpose still today is to construct wetlands, plant field windbreaks, and create permanent vegetative cover (grass and/or trees) adjacent to streams and rivers that eventually connect to Lake Erie, all in the effort to restore and maintain water quality and provide additional vital wildlife habitat.

The goal when Lake Erie CREP was first initiated in this 27-county watershed area the summer of 2000, was to enroll 67,000 acres of environmentally sensitive agricultural land into the program.  We’re about 78 percent of the way towards that goal.  Thus, we want to encourage all ag producers within this area to further assess their farm operations and determine where one or more of the CREP conservation practices could still be installed to address any resource concerns and help to keep Lake Erie great!

For more information, contact your county soil and water conservation district, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, or the Farm Service Agency to discuss your conservation practice options and to get the application process underway today.