Promoting Clean Water

What do our watersheds mean to our environment?
Where are the local watersheds?

Protecting Our Soil

Erie Conservation District offers rental equipment for
your home or business use. View our equipment.

Inspiring Sustainability

Erie Conservation District programs and services
to help educate the youth and get them involved
in sustainability at a young age.

Involving Our Community

Join the Erie Conservation District's efforts
by volunteering at a number of events.

What Can You Do?

Get Involved, Be Informed, Be Responsible.
Become a Custodian of your Environment.

Celebrating Conservation

Annual "Lake Erie Starts Here" Dinner & Meeting



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Practice Information

H2Ohio BMP Criteria - WLEB Expansion

H2Ohio WLEB Expansion - All Practice Standards

NRCS CC - Seeding Table

Fact Sheets 

Crop Rotation Forages Fact Sheet

Drainage Water Management

Manure Incorporation

Overwintering Cover Crops

Small Grains

Subsurface Phosphorus Placement

Variable Rate Phosphorus Application

Nutrient Management


Conservation and Profits, Making it Work.

Join us on February 22, 2022 as we welcome the 2021 Young Regenerative Producer of the Year, Macauley Kincaid, to host a session on how to fit conservation into your farm's context, how to tap into the nutrient bank of your soil, and establishing ROIs on the farm. 

Pick Your Session:

Lunch: 11:30am - 2:30pm

Dinner: 5:30pm - 8:30pm



2021 Board of Supervisors Election Results

We are excited to announce the winners of our recent board of supervisors election. Kurt Heyman and Jim Neill will continue their service to the district from January 1st, 2022 through December 31st 2024.

Head over to our blog post to read their bio's!


Erie Soil and Water Conservation District
Erie Soil and Water Conservation District

It's that time of year to mulch trees and garden beds! But did you know volcano mulching does more harm than good? Learn why and...

Erie Soil and Water Conservation District
Erie Soil and Water Conservation District

For our Soil Health Friday and with upcoming spring and summer projects, we felt it's important to learn...

Erie Soil and Water Conservation District
Complete guide start to finish on composting. This is the most basic and simple way to compost. In this video you will learn:- Benefits of Compost on soil ...
Erie Soil and Water Conservation District
Erie Soil and Water Conservation District

Erie Soil and Water Conservation District has TWO scholarships, each $300 each to help pay for this camp experience! Please share with any friends, family,...

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Erie Conservation's Latest Blog Posts

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Black is the New Red

Black vultures are no longer a stranger to northern Ohio. Up to just recently, the only vultures observed in our immediate vicinity were the red-headed Turkey vultures.  Now however, their southern ‘cousins’ are starting to make a more frequent presence here in the north.  Since…

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Batty For Bats!

The Erie Soil and Water Conservation District has supported wildlife conservation as one of the targets for natural resource management. This year, the District is diving into the world of bats with a new pilot study that will focus on understanding the relationship between stream…

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Avian Influenza Outbreak

HPAI Outbreaks in Ohio’s Bird Populations Raises Much Concern A Herring gull in Erie County and two Bald eagles in Ottawa County were recently tested and confirmed positive for the highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI).  All three birds are now deceased.  The ODNR Division of…

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