Promoting Clean Water

What do our watersheds mean to our environment?
Where are the local watersheds?

Protecting Our Soil

Erie Conservation District offers rental equipment for
your home or business use. View our equipment.

Inspiring Sustainability

Erie Conservation District programs and services
to help educate the youth and get them involved
in sustainability at a young age.

Involving Our Community

Join the Erie Conservation District's efforts
by volunteering at a number of events.

What Can You Do?

Get Involved, Be Informed, Be Responsible.
Become a Custodian of your Environment.

Celebrating Conservation

Annual "Lake Erie Starts Here" Dinner & Meeting


New Trailer: Soil Health! 

The Soil Health trailer is a new addition to our educational programming. The trailer includes our rainfall simulator, slate tests, soil paints, soil types, and more! 

2022 Board of Supervisors Election

Stay tuned for information about our 2022 Board of Supervisors election coming soon!


Erie Soil and Water Conservation District
Erie Soil and Water Conservation District

Happy 4th of July! We will be closed today but will resume hours on Tuesday. Stay safe and enjoy the holiday!

Erie Soil and Water Conservation District
Erie Soil and Water Conservation District

If you guessed Eastern Box Turtle, then you got this trivia down!

You can learn more about them here:

Erie Soil and Water Conservation District
Erie Soil and Water Conservation District

Good morning! Our next wildlife trivia is a small reptile that likes to hang out in the deciduous forests of Ohio. Habitat removal, roads, and...

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Erie Conservation's Latest Blog Posts

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Importance of Native Plants

Garden centers provide a plethora of flowering and non-flowering plants that are attractive to the human eye and can be exciting to bring them home to improve one’s property. For some, gardening is not their talent and instead, prefer a manicured lawn. Without a doubt,…

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Black is the New Red

Black vultures are no longer a stranger to northern Ohio. Up to just recently, the only vultures observed in our immediate vicinity were the red-headed Turkey vultures.  Now however, their southern ‘cousins’ are starting to make a more frequent presence here in the north.  Since…

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Batty For Bats!

The Erie Soil and Water Conservation District has supported wildlife conservation as one of the targets for natural resource management. This year, the District is diving into the world of bats with a new pilot study that will focus on understanding the relationship between stream…

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