CHAIRMAN – Kurt Heyman


SECRETARY – Frank Hill

TREASURER – Tom Krumwiede



Robert Schlessman * 1953 – 1958
George Johannsen * 1953 – 1958
William Gammie, Sr * 1953 – 1957
William Kaiser * 1953 – 1957
William Oetzell * 1953 – 1958
Robert Deehr * 1958 – 1963
John Schaeffer * 1958 – 1972; 1978 – 1989
Fred Gasteier * 1959 – 1961
John Rockwell * 1959 – 1967
Donald Trinter * 1959 – 1964
Edward Close * 1962 – 1967
Clifton Nottke * 1964 – 1969
Howard Will * 1965 – 1970
Robert Bertsch 1968 – 1970
Wayne Schlessman * 1968 – 1979
Jennings Hibbard* 1970 – 1978
John Fleming * 1971 – 1979
Victor Benziger * 1971 – 1974
Robert Maurer * 1973 – 1979
Wayne Bunting * 1975 – 1977
Dennis Mesenburg 1979 – 1987
Donald Kishman * 1979 – 1981
Ted Gastier 1980 – 1982
Roger Rowland 1980 – 2018
Daryl Deering 1982 – 1993
Steve Kuhl 1983 – 1988
Neill Welch 1988 – 1990; 1994 – 2005
Kurt Heyman 1989 – Present
Steve Deehr 1990 – 2019
John Krumwiede 1991 – 2005
John Nuhn 2006 – 2020
Russell Critelli 2006 – 2008
Eric Schuster 2009 – 2014
Tom Wensink 2015 – Present
Jim Neill 2019 – Present
Frank Hill 2020 – Present
Tom Krumwiede 2021 – Present


The Erie Conservation District Board of Supervisors will conduct their regular monthly board meetings according to the schedule to the right, starting at 8:00 p.m. at the Erie County Services Center, 2900 Columbus Avenue, Sandusky, Ohio. All meetings are open to the public.

* Please contact the office to verify time and location of monthly meetings you are planning to attend.


    • Jan 10 – Conference room 117
    • Feb 14 – conference room 117
    • March 13 – conference room 118
    • April 10 – conference room 117
    • May 21 – conference room 117
    • June 18 – conference room 117
    • July 16 – conference room 118
    • Aug 20 – conference room 117
    • Sep 17- conference room 117
    • Oct 9 – conference room 118
    • Nov 13 – conference room 117
    • Dec 11 – conference room 117


Eric Dodrill

Eric Dodrill brings over 30 years of engineering experience, in both the public and private sectors, to the position of District Director of the Erie Conservation District. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at West Virginia University and is a Registered Professional Surveyor and Engineer in the State of Ohio. Working in Erie County, Ohio for most of his career, he has a broad knowledge of governmental processes, public policy, drainage, conservation, and engineering.

Eric and his wife Gail live in Huron Township. Eric works hard to balance his time between work, home improvement projects, and occasional fishing trips to local wildlife areas or Lake Erie.

Contact Eric:

Breann Hohman

Breann Hohman is a Sandusky native who received a Master of Science in Biological Sciences from Wright State University. Her formal background is in plant ecology and with research related to invasive species impacts and control.  At the Erie Conservation District she is a grant writer and project manager for watershed improvement projects to reduce sediment and nutrient pollutants.  She also coordinates a volunteer stream monitoring program and volunteer clean-up and restoration activities.  As a watershed coordinator of mainly agricultural watersheds, she has assisted local farmers with conservation education, data collection, and transitioning through land stewardship changes.

She is also active in the community as a board member for the Soil and Water Conservation Society – Ohio Chapter, Back to the Wild, Sandusky Bay Cycles, and as a member of the Sandusky Tree Commission. Bre is an avid boater and all around nature enthusiast: “any day outside is going to be awesome!”

Contact Breann:

Tim White

Tim White is the Wildlife Specialist and has been with the District since 1996. As the Wildlife Specialist, he has assisted landowners throughout the county with regard to nuisance wildlife issues, crop damage site investigations, Deer Damage Control Permits, wildlife habitat evaluation/enhancement recommendations, and numerous school and adult education programs.

Tim provides assistance and training for the National Archery in the School Program (NASP) and the Ohio Hunter Education Course, as well as maintaining a partnership with numerous conservation agencies and organizations such as National Wild Turkey Federation, Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, and Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry.

Spending time in the outdoors, riding the scenic back roads on his Harley, and sharing memorable moments with his family are among life’s experiences Tim enjoys the most.

Contact Tim:

Valerie Sasak started as an AmeriCorps Member serving at Erie Conservation District in 2019. At the completion of her service year, she was hired as the Conservation Program Assistant and has since assumed the role of Stormwater Program Coordinator. Valerie is a proud graduate of Cleveland State University, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science with a biological focus.

As the Stormwater Program Coordinator, Valerie assists the communities in Erie County through public education and outreach, implementing Ohio EPA permit requirements and providing technical assistance for local stormwater management projects. Valerie enjoys spending her free time doing anything outside and caring for her growing collection of houseplants.

Contact Valerie:

Angie Lorensen

Angie Lorensen Angie arrived in the District in the fall of 2019 with a unique educational background of both agriculture and library science.  After many years in various library settings, she finally found her way back to her agricultural roots as the Administrative Assistant for the Erie Conservation District.  Angie is responsible for all fiscal aspects of the District and assorted administrative tasks.

Angie resides in Oak Harbor on the family farm with her dogs and cats. Winter months mean hibernation, but during the summer she enjoys competitive trapshooting and camping.  She also serves on the Ottawa County Chapter of Ducks Unlimited Banquet Committee.

Contact Angie:

Emma Farahay

Emma Farahay began her service to the district as an AmeriCorps member in 2020. She was then hired as the District Technician at the completion of her service year in 2021. Emma graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Environmental Science with a GIS Certificate.

As the District Technician, she assists with GIS data collection, project management, education programs, volunteer stream monitoring, and more! In her free time, Emma enjoys playing hockey, playing her tuba, and exploring the outdoors.

Contact Emma:

Emma Farahay

Cody Benesh is the new stormwater technician and started working for the district in 2024. He graduated from Heidelberg University in May of 2024 with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, with a focus in watershed management. 

As the stormwater technician, Cody helps with implementing Ohio EPA permit requirements, providing technical assistance for local stormwater management projects, public outreach and communication, and anything else the office needs. In his spare time Cody likes hunting, fishing, and spending time in the outdoors. 

Contact Cody: