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I think you could, if you would…plant a tree seedling!

Some folks like trees a lot; others maybe not as much.  Opinions as to their value and place in the landscape will vary.  Yet, I feel that it would be hard to deny all the benefits that trees do provide us, whether aesthetically, socially, economically or environmentally. 

One of the most inexpensive ways to establish or replenish this vital natural resource is through the planting of a seedling.  Typically ranging in height from 12 to 36 inches tall, a seedling will grow over time once planted, in some cases a foot or two each year.  Furthermore, caring for the newly planted seedling usually does not take an incredible amount of time or attention!

Even though our Erie SWCD has not conducted a seedling program for a number of years now, we still would like to promote and encourage similar conservation efforts.  Our neighboring SWCD’s – Lorain, Huron, and Ottawa – will be holding their annual Tree Seedling Sale program for those interested in purchasing various species of trees and shrubs for your backyard or the border around the back forty acres.   

Bob Ross, that familiar PBS personality, often when painting a scene would often say, “I think there ought to be a big old tree right there. And let’s give him a friend; everybody needs a friend!”  Trees most certainly are our friends.  Whatever your objective, whether it’s to create a windbreak to minimize soil erosion, provide additional wildlife habitat (food and shelter), or you just appreciate the extra beauty provided; consider planting a few seedlings this spring. 

For individual pricing and the order/pick up deadlines, download the tree/shrub order forms for each SWCD or visit their respective websites.  Don’t delay, as orders are filled first come, first serve while supplies last.

Order Forms:

Lorain SWCD Tree Seedling Sale

Huron SWCD Tree Seedling Sale

Ottawa SWCD Tree Seedling Sale