OWMA Achievement Award

by | Feb 2, 2021 | Wildlife

Mark DeBrock – 2021 OWMA Achievement Award Winner

Each year, the Ohio Wildlife Management Association (OWMA), presents an Annual Achievement Award to an individual, recognizing their outstanding contribution to wildlife research and management in Ohio. The work this individual has performed may include various efforts, things like the writing of technical papers on wildlife management in journals or magazines, newspaper columns, photographs, paintings, books or other media venues, such as radio or television features.  Other notable endeavors may include the development of successful wildlife game or fish management techniques, or proven conservation/education programs for youth and/or the general public.

This Award may also be presented for a specific accomplishment or for a consistent and noteworthy career performance, which is definitely the case for this year’s recipient, namely Mark DeBrock. Some of you may have had the privilege of attending one of Mark’s very informative talks, or perhaps have even had him out to your property to discuss conservation practice options to protect soil and water resources or actions to further enhance wildlife habitat.  Throughout his career, Mark has guided many a landowner in applying and implementing conservation Best Management Practices (BMP), whether it involved the planting of trees, establishing grasslands, or the restoration and management of a wetland, Mark’s notable expertise.

Definitely a stellar career, after the Peace Corp and a stint with the US Army Corps of Engineers, Mark became a SCS Soil Conservationist in Indiana in 1983, eventually moving into a District Conservationist position in Massachusetts in 1987.  In 1990, Mark transitioned to Ohio as the NRCS Biologist until his retirement in 2015.  Then in 2016, Mark stepped back into the arena via NRCS’s Agriculture Conservation Experienced Services (ACES) Program, of which he still works today.  Between the time he spends with family, friends, and his grandson, “teaching him how to explore out in nature’s wild playground, watching birds, and looking for critters under logs and rocks…”, our SWCD’s and counterparts are still benefiting from Mark’s wealth of knowledge and valuable input as we work to take the best possible care of our natural resources, so they will take good care of us.  Well deserving congratulations can be sent to Mark.DeBrock@oh.usda.gov.